7 Tips on Handling Criticism When Growing Your Business

7 Tips on Handling Criticism When Growing Your Business

Criticism can give you a new, different perspective in your business, so it will give you a chance to see things that you have missed or didn’t consider. More importantly, it will offer you opportunities for improvement which is vital when you’re trying to grow your business.

Still, it’s not always easy to deal with criticism. However, there are some practical tips that can be helpful.

1. Be open to receiving feedback

First of all, it’s crucial to receive criticism calmly and with gratitude. Yes, it’s hard, believe me, I know, but in this way, you’ll show that you’re ready to listen and appreciate even negative feedback. Otherwise, if you start arguing and yelling, then the person who dared to criticize, won’t do that anymore, so you’ll close the door on valuable insights that might help you grow your business.

2. Who criticizes your business?

Not every criticism is the same; it depends from where it came. There is a significant difference between criticism that came from your client and from your family or friends. The only feedback that really matters is the one form your target audience. You create your product or service for your target group, and only they, as actual users, can give you relevant feedback that will help you improve your business.

3. Feedback reveals more about the person who gives it

Keep in mind that when somebody criticizes your work, that negative feedback doesn’t say anything about you and your work, it says something about that person. People perceive the word based on their beliefs and experiences, so their criticism isn’t accurate and related to your business. This concept will help you detach yourself from negative emotions caused by critiques, and you won’t take it personally.

4. What can I learn from criticism?

It’s crucial to ask yourself, “What can I learn from this negative feedback?” Some valuable lessons behind it can help you improve your products, services, or the way you manage your business. The experts from EssayOnTime claim that you should primarily focus on learning from the mistakes you made even though it may seem easier to become defensive and find faults with the person criticizing you. If your management style is not considered to be the best, pay attention to what you can improve in order to improve communication with your employees or consider delegating some of your responsibilities.

5. We are all judged and criticized

Let’s face it; we are all being judged and criticized right now. It’s absolutely normal, and it’s a part of human nature. Even you are criticizing yourself and your work. I admit it; I’m also judging this article while I’m writing it. The sooner you accept it, the easier it will become to deal with any feedback successfully.

6. Change your perspective

Unfortunately, we are all taught to consider criticism as something negative. However, I wonder how it would be to think of criticism as something positive, as opportunities for business growth and improvement. In that case, you would be more open to it, and you would have positive feelings about it.

Next time you receive some criticism, put your pink glasses on to see its full potential.

7. Ask for a feedback

Usually, when you are criticized, you are ambushed, and you don’t expect it. So, you don’t have time to prepare the right attitude and to face it objectively. That’s why you have negative reactions and hurt feelings. But, let’s give it a twist. Be the one who will ask for feedback. In that way, you’ll have time to prepare yourself and get the most out of any sort of feedback.

In the end, thanks to all the criticism you received, you’ll become a better businessman, and you’ll grow your business successfully.

Written by Serena Dorf

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